About Us


"And with a veil over all did the bright goddess veil herself, a fair veil, all glistering, and white was it as the sun; and beneath her shining feet she bound her fair sandals."

"He therefore rose, put on his shirt, bound his sandals about his comely feet, flung the skin of a huge tawny lion over his shoulders- a skin that reached his feet- and took his spear in his hand."

Hera and Agamemnon, from The Iliad

Helios draws its inspiration from the culture and mythology of ancient Greece. Helios was the god of the Sun, seen driving his blazing horse-drawn chariot across the sky each day. The word "sandal" originates from Greece, where the sandal-making tradition remains integral to the cultural identity.

Our sandals re-imagine a classic Greek design with modern athletic construction, providing you with practical functionality and a clean aesthetic.

Helios is based out of Austin and Dallas. I hope you enjoy our sandals and look forward to introducing new colors and products as we grow.

- The Helios Team