Top 3 Reasons to Never Wear Flip-Flops

"I hate sloppy footwear. What I hate most is flip-flops. I am physically allergic to flip-flops."

- Karl Lagerfeld


I've been through a dozen pairs of flip-flops. I used to wear them everywhere, with everything.

But, over time, I came to realize three critical shortcomings of my once beloved sandals.

  1. The uncomfortable thong between the toes
    It most likely gave you blisters at first, but perhaps over time you convinced yourself it wasn't even that uncomfortable. But wear your flip-flops for an entire day, and you'll remember: that strip between the toes is super irritating.
  2. You have to grip the soles with your toes, ruining your natural gait
    The absence of a heel strap forces your toes to grip the sole as you step to keep your foot from sliding out of the sandal. While you may have become so used to this that you barely notice it, this severely compromises the natural mechanics of your gait and can cause soreness from the feet and calves all the way up to your back.
  3. Let's face it. They look sloppy
    Don't take it from me. Take it from Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic creative director for Chanel and Fendi. This applies to men and women both. You're better than this.
We designed Helios sandals to solve all three of these problems, giving you a comfortable sandal with a natural feel that actually looks nice, for both men and women.